All Town, USA is a podcast that explores Alton, Illinois' significant history and evolving identity. We tell stories in search of ways to bridge divides across neighborhoods. This is about all of us. We are all town.


introduction: why alton?

The producers share the inspiration behind the series and provide a preview into the future episodes. 


episode 1: "A river town that has touched history in an amazing number of times."

Alton's location led to booming industries, war operations, and the Underground Railroad


episode 2: "But whoso is heroic will always find crises to try his edge."

The effects of Elijah Lovejoy's life and death on the Civil War, Abolitionism, and Freedom of the Press 


episode 3: "...back in the day we had a rich life out here.  No money, but we had things we loved to do."

Escaped and freed slaves founded communities along the Mississippi River. Rocky Fork, 1863. 


Episode 4: “ It’s who we are and when you lose the connection with the past, it’s a terrible thing.”

A look inside Alton’s historic districts and landmarks and why they matter.


Episode 5: part 1 “it’s the morals they instilled in us. even as we went out out in the world we had a calling back. we knew what was right and wrong. that was established in Mexico.”

An introduction into the Alton neighborhood known as Mexico.


Episode 5: part 2 “And the only way that a community can be the very best that it can be is to get to know people.  To share that dialogue. To share their dreams because we all have dreams and values and a lot of them are common dreams and values.”

A look into what the Mexico community, and many of our communities, look like today and why community matters.


Episode 6

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